Wine Details

Appelation: Napa Valley
Varietals: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

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Old Vine Sauvignon Blanc

About Old Vines

What is an “old vine” and why bother? Vines take about 8-10 years to mature and then begin to decline in their ability to produce large quantities of fruit after 20-25 years. The old vines that have 40+ years will have a greater chance of producing a wine with that delicious sense of “somewhere” that is the memorable reward of a great wine. These wines transcend taste by offering something that is akin to the tone of a memorable voice. Not perfect by any means, but filled with beauty, character and resonance.

As the vines continue to age, special care must be taken to preserve their “voice” and health. Typically, the vines will work harder to regenerate new wood each year after pruning and progressively less fruit will result. The clusters and berries will both be smaller and less numerous. This means that the vine produces more flavor in these smaller grapes with less alcohol as a result in the wines.

Yes, more work is given to these vines for less fruit in return. But these old vines are like people in some ways. As they age they produce less and require more care, but the fruit of their labor is memorable and full of character.

What does all this mean in a glass?

This is an exuberant expression of Sauvignon Blanc from 55 year old vines – packed with memorable aromas and flavors. Imagine the complexity of key lime, fresh pear, orange blossom and a finish like fresh baked brioche. Perhaps our last edition of a wine that has redefined what Sauvignon Blanc can be in California. Our search for old vines will continue…

This is a classic bottling of a wine that is unique for California.