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Making a Great Wine

After years of honing our skills in the culinary arts and winemaking trade, we finally could not resist the opportunity to create our own wine from the Napa Valley. We envisioned wines that would be fresh, fragrant, elegant and flavorful – wines that we hope will be enjoyed among friends, telling stories and sharing dreams.

Nearly a decade later, we would love to share the story of these wines that come from the very special vineyards we have discovered on our journey.

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L'Atelier Sauvignon Blanc

Flavors of passion fruit followed by musk melon and white peach.

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Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon

Darker notes of ripe cherry and chocolate getting a pleasing lift from a presence of red currant.

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Old Vine Sauvignon Blanc

Effusive aromatics of candied grapefruit rind and ripe apricot.

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The Old Vines

This wine is a mouthful of berry flavors all cascading across the tongue with the essence of cocao.

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